PUBG New Missions – Complete Them to Get RP Points

PUBG Royal Pass missions

It has become customary for PUBG Mobile to release new missions every week and for 27 May 2020, there a new set of missions available.

By completing new PUBG missions you get RP points which can increase your rank. Further through each RP you can unlock rewards. You know you can get Supply Crate coupon scrap, or parachute, silver coins, skins, & UC through each RP points earned.

So without any further delay lets get through those missions and how to complete them.

Here are the exclusive Royal pass missions for those who hold Royal Pass

  • Win a Classic match 1 time while wearing a Military vest level 3

The missions is simple and clear, you will have to win a classic match, it can be anything from single, duo, or squad classic match and you will have to wear a level 3 vest. So better get it from a normal drop. You will get 75 RP points for this.

– Kill 20 enemies with SMGs in Los Leones (Miramar) in Classic mode


– Kill 20 enemies with SMGs in Sosnovka Military Base (Erangel) in Classic Mode


– Kill 20 enemies with SMGs in Paradise Resort (Sanhok) in Classic mode

For completing this mission you will get 125 RP points.

– Kill 6 Enemies with Kar98 in any mode

You can get this mission completed in Arena, Team Deathmatch too. You will get 75 RP points for this.

– Pick up 4X scope in 10 matches in Classic mode

You will get 75 RP points for this too.

Here are the normal missions –

– Win 20 matches in Arena

Now this is a difficult task for normal missions. 20 matches in Arena, that’s huge but you will get 125 RP points for that.

– Finish in Top 20 in Sanhok 5 times in Classic mode


– Pick up an M3E1-A in 2 matches in Payload


– Complete 2 Brothers in Arms matches

You will get 50 RP points for completing any of the above-mentioned missions

– Land more than 1500 meters away from the airplane 2 times (50 RP points)

– Land on any rooftop in San Martin (Miramar) 3 times in Classic mode (50 RP points)

– Open 4 Air Drops in Classic mode (50 RP points)

– Kill 6 Enemies with headshots in Classic mode (50 RP points)

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So those are the PUBG missions for this week.

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