New PUBG Season 13 Update, Release Date, Features & Rumors

PUBG Season 13 update

Currently PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds commonly abbrevated as PUBG is going through season 12 update titled as 2gether we Play and it’s the second anniversary update which brings several features including the hardcore mode, DBS shotgun, independent teammate volume control, universal marks for enemies death crates & others, death replay, Colourblind mode, new content to EvoGrounds. After this season, there will be PUBG Season 13 update.

The current PUBG season ends on May 11 this year. PUBG Season 13 release date is said to be second week of May 2020. It will be the thirteenth such major upgrade to PUBG Mobile gaming which has topped the charts all the time in the strategy games on both Android and iPhone.

PUBG Season 13 date: May 13 2020

PUBG Season 13 end date: July 7, 2020

Every season there is one or the other thing included to improve the gaming experience. The Season 13 is expected to bring many more things but as of now nothing has been rumored.

PUBG players are busy playing the game and developers are busy in coping up with high-ping rates in times of Coronavirus pandemic which has lead to Internet traffic congestion. Already several sites like Plato, Snapchat, Gmail and Facebook is down.

Just like every other season, the Season 13 update for PUBG Mobile will last for 8 weeks and there will be missions each week. Royal Pass players will have elite missions separately.

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