Facebook App Down due to Corona Crisis – Sorry, Something Went Wrong Error

Facebook App Down, Facebook site offline

Facebook, no doubt is the world’s biggest social network worldwide with 2.5 billion monthly active users and a network outage causes a panic situation among the users. We know that the world is struggling to deal with the Corona crisis as several countries have already announced full lockdown. But wait, Facebook app too is affected by it. For many users, Facebook app is down. They are unable to open Facebook on their mobile phone. So what lead to Facebook app down status? Let’s go through what could have happened.

With Coronavirus pandemic, people are practicing social distancing, which means more and more users are using Facebook. Also the company reported a large jump in service growth because of the internet traffic increase. Many of the employees are working from home and those who have a business, retail stores, restaurants and delivery company personnel are sitting completely free at home. The global citizens are on the Internet playing games, video chatting, texting, calling family and friends, etc.

This has caused a usual spike in Facebook usage and this is why it’s seeing service disruptions and traffic overload. To further worse the case, most of the Facebook employees are working from home.

So it’s clear that Facebook is suffering from Internet traffic congestion. A few days back Plato a social gaming app too went down. A gradual growth can be controlled but a sudden growth is difficult to manage.

Some of the users took the help of Twitter to let Facebook know about this issue –

This user can use the Facebook app right now –

A popular site called Outage.report reports network outage and right now as I see Facebook is having a bit of trouble –

You can take the help of downrightnowDowndetector services to see server down time.

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Representatives at Facebook says that they are already aware of this fact and are working hard to fix this issue. As a quick action, they have also lowered down video bitrate too. This will continue until the world is done with coronavirus pandemic.

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