Plato App Down with Plato Connecting to Server Error – Plato Server Down/Offline

PlatoChat App down

Is the Plato game on your mobile phone unable to connect with your friends or opponents to play the game? If yes, then let me tell you that you are not alone as many users are facing similar issues. They are not able to play Plato games with friends and are continuously getting login errors.

Many users have taken the route of Twitter to express the problems and issues with the Plato app. Have a look at the few complaints below –

Further the official tweets comes as –

You might also see plato connecting to server error too.

A possible network outage can be an issue some time and if you are facing the issue of unable to team up or login on Plato, it’s due to Plato Server Down or either it’s offline.

Down Detector – A renowned service gives details on the live outages of the popular sites but since Plato is a new app, it’s details are not available. It gives info on whether Plato down or not.

A possible solution for you is to report the problem on Twitter to the official Plato account and they will let you know about the concerns of Plato app down.

As I see, @PlatoChat has replied to any of such Plato server down issues and problems that users are facing.

On 1st April there was official tweet saying that users have reported “Connecting” Connecting error continuously –

@lasha157 says that he can not see the wins or how many games played.


There is an update officially by Plato team @platochat on the Twitter platform saying that they are aware of the situation. Here it says –

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I hope your solution to Plato server down is fixed. Let us know if you still see Plato server offline problem again.

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