Minecraft server down issues

Developed by Mojang Studios, Minecraft is a famous and well known online game. It’s available for both iPhone and Android on the respective app store but the problem is that Minecraft Server Down issue. Several people have reported that they are not able to play game online.

For many users Minecraft servers are down and users have taken the help of Twitter to convey this message to the game developers and also to make sure that they are not only the one who are getting this issue.

For @pyxselvfx, he got “Invalid Session, please try restarting Minecraft” error kept on popping up each time when he restarts the game. He said –

He also brought an update to the issue that it hasn’t been resolved.

The game developers too are aware of this situation –

Down Detector a famous service that gives details on the outage details and region where it has been affected. As you see, on an average 20 users have reported down time every hour in the last 24 hours.

MineCraft server down Outage map
MineCraft server down Outage map | Image Credits: downdetector.com

As seen in the images, Minecraft servers are having problem in the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and South East Australia region. So this is most probably a network outage.

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I hope this is a minor Minecraft outage and everything will be back to normal.