Nowiamupdated has an interesting beginning as Yogesh and Kevin who were classmates used to check out the news online, and they think they are updated with all the events and happenings online without any hassle. Since they love the idea of how online news websites work, they thought to start their own, and that was the reason Nowiamupdated.com was ideated and initiated.

Nowiamupdated shares all the happenings instantly from the field of Business and Technology. Moreover, general News Headlines are also being published frequently.

The team working behind the website are having quite good experience in crafting the content. Thus, you get the most recent news in a well-written manner that doesn’t make reading news online boring.

Yogesh and Kevin themselves are great at writing and editing content which gives them an upper hand in offering the best quality news bulletins to their readers.

Initially, Nowiamupdated was started by Yogesh and Kevin, but later they have added more team members. You can check out the team members here, and for any queries, contact us here.