Meet The Team Behind

Adeline Wilson

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Online news publication Intrigued Adeline to take a plunge into online content development and publication. She with her friend Kevin loved the whole idea of online news websites and started to serve users with the best news bulletins quickly. She has a Master’s degree in business from one of the reputed colleges of British Columbia, Canada. She does a course in Journalism as well to sharpen her skill set.

Kevin Williams

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Kevin founded with Adeline to bring relevant news to the public with a specific viewpoint for each story catered by the team. Eventually, he developed great journalism skills which gave him an edge in keeping the standard of the website to a good level. Having in-depth knowledge about the business and tech industry, Kevin contributes to Technology and Business industry-related news mostly. Moreover, he likes to cover general news bulletins as well. He likes to go on hiking trips, and he does like traveling a lot.


Esther Jones

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Esther has been working as a journalist for a renowned print-based magazine for 2.5 years. She recently joined the Nowiamupdated team, and she brings together relevant news pieces from various industries, especially Technology and Business. She is very keen to learn new things which she thinks will help her grow well in the Journalism industry.

Maria Elena

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Maria has traveled to countries to explore the traditions and cultures of various parts of the world. She is quite new in the journalism field but she is very enthusiastic about what she does, and that gives her the strength to manage things well. She recently joined the team and is very keen to innovate new ideas. She has a good command of written English, and that is what helps her in content development.

Yash Patel

Yash Patel has joined our team recently as a fresh guy, yet to complete his graduation. His interest for writing has landed him here.