Clash Royale 7x Elixir Battle Announced as part of Evolution Origins

Clash Royale 7x Elixir Battle

Clash Royale, a popular strategy video game that became real-time a few years back has announced 7x Elixir Battle as a part of Evolution Origins, a new feature added to Clash Royale cards.

Clash Royale 7x Elixir Battle can be played under the Events tab and it’s an individual game. In this game, the Elixir is multiplied by 7 times, which means you will have 7x the Elixir generated than the normal game playback. People are happily playing triple elixir battles but this is an amazing and quite interesting game playback as I tried playing a dozen of such battles.

The 7x Elixir battle at Clash Royale will last for 7 days from 24 July 2023 to 30 July and you earn season tokens from events which can be exchanged for items available under Shop. You can even convert them into gold coins at the shop.

Talking about the best Clash Royale 7x Elixir decks, the Elixir Golem and Firecracker card plays a very very important role, and the evolution of it is a big addition. These two are one of my favorite cards and both the cards cost 3 Elixir only which makes them even more suitable for use in any deck.

But still here are some of the best decks for 7x Elixir battles –

Note: Card levels are indicative and all cards will be played with level 11 in events by default.

Clash Royale Miner Draft Challenge Event

UPDATE: Clash Royale also announces 7x Elixir Challenge as royal tournament

The Clash Royale 7x Elixir challenge will start on July 29 and 3 losses, you are out of the tournament.

In the end, I would say 7x Elixir Battle is a great chance for you to quickly complete the card mastery to earn more gold, cards, and much more.

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