Clash Royale adds Miner Draft Challenge Event

Clash Royale Miner Draft Challenge

Supercell after launching Clash Royale Season 3 update dubbed as “Legendary update” comes with usual surprises. With the introduction of new season there is something which you can  do in the special challenges. Supercell has added Legendary Party and Miner Draft challenge.

The Miner Draft Challenge starts from 6th September and it will be a three days event just like other events. As of now the Legendary Party is going on in which you receive a pre-made deck of only legendary cards + spells.

In Clash Royale Miner Draft Challenge you will get one time reward of special Miner emote at 15 win and a miner card. The game play is very simple – you pick four cards and receive 4 from your opponent. That will make you a deck and you will have to play until there is a winner. You will have 3 minutes and extra 3 minutes in which sudden death mode is played.

Remember if you lose 3 matches then you are out of the challenge and you need to pay 50 diamonds in order to continue playing the game from start.

The Miner card directly hits the opponents tower(appears anywhere in the arena) by going beneath the ground and has a good hit speed. It can be really dangerous if used properly.

This new Clash Royale Miner Draft challenge can be found under Events tab.

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