PUBG Season 10 Update – Includes TDM The Ruins Map, & MP5K Gun

PUBG Season 10 update release date

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, famously known as PUBG mobile released the season 9 update recently. And here we talk about the PUBG season 10 update release date and expected features list.

The world’s highest-grossing mobile game ever wants to continue its domination. It has won several awards like “2018 Mobile Game of the Year” by Golden Joystick Award and the “Best game”, “fan-favorite games”, & “most competitive games award” by Google Play 2018 Awards apart from being a fan’s favorite game. There are high expectations in the game’s upcoming season.

The new update includes TDM New Map: The Ruins alongside introduction of a new MP5K gun.

Talking about the PUBG season 10 release date, it will be immediately rolled out after the end of season 9 on November 7. The latest season introduced payload mode and the upcoming season was expected to introduce all-new Erangel 2.0 map but it didn’t happen.

One of the most challenging features that Krafton Game Union, the game developer has to deal with hacks and other cheats. It’s a challenging task but they have to deal with them strictly.

There will be several missions and rewards for completing the task and the season will be of 8 weeks. There is expected to be a new title apart from the highest “Overachiever” which is obtained at 2800 achievement points. Just like the Season 9, the upcoming PUBG season will also have many new things for the Royale Pass players, after-all it the source of earning for them.

Among the PUBG Season 10 leaks includes a new M249 skin and according to whistleblowers a new outfit will be available to those reaching the RP 100 in Season 10. It will also include a new MP5K gun.

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