PUBG Payload Mode is LIVE before the new Season 10 Update (0.15.0 version)

PUBG Payload mode

It’s the end of yet another season of Players’ Unknown BattleGrounds as all-new PUBG Season 9 update is here. There are many things to cheer about as the new update includes new PUBG Payload mode.

After a boring introduction of Infection mode in the previous Season 8, here comes something interesting for the gamers as Payload mode gets added in the 0.15.0 version update. This new PUBG mode can be found under Arcade mode.

The PUBG Mobile made this announcement through a post on Instagram which says –

New PUBG Mobile update will be available starting on 16 October 2019 this update requires 745 MB of space on Android and 740 MB space on iOS. if you update from the existing version to the new version you will get a Parachute Trail.

The new PUBG season 9 update has several improvements like missions and ranking pages are re-designed, weekly mission crate reminders and emotes can now be dismantled.

We have seen this Payload mode on PUBG Mobile early beta updates which allow users to fly helicopters and users in the ground can use weapons like M3E1-A rocket launcher, RPG-7, MGL, and M79 grenade launchers.

Officially it’s now announced that the PUBG Payload mode weapons list includes –



M79 Grenade Launcher

MGL Grenade Launcher

M134 Minigun

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PUBG Season 10 Release date

You will get a notification when you open PUBG Mobile app on your device about the update availability. Or you need to go to Play Store or App Store and then type on ‘PUBG Mobile’. One the app gets listed, now click on Update in order to get the new update manually.

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