Apple has been getting tough competition from the contemporaries like Samsung, Huawei, MI and such for the past 1 one year.

With all of them providing flagship phones with rivaling features one after another, making it difficult to choose one over the other, Apple had lost its top spot.

But the reports of Apple’s latest iPhone 11 changes things. The patent filing says that Apple might bring back Touch ID in the future.

But that is a little further in time, but for the present Apple is said to be working on a prototype for a new on-screen fingerprint.

The new fingerprint scanner will create a fully rendered 3D model of the fingerprint using micro cameras. This will allow it to be used from all angles with perfect accuracy.

Also, Apple will bring 5G into its network. The iPhone coming in 2020 will have a 5 connection supportable chipset based on the Qualcomm’s 5G technology.

It is a really exciting thing for the customers and Apple as well. Apart from this, Apple has given its MacBook Pro a new update in chipset and keyboard.

They will receive ninth generation Intel Core i7 and i9 processors, making them 8 core processor model. This will give a power boost to the laptops and has already excited potential customers.

The keyboard, on the other hand, will have a butterfly model keyboard with a butterfly switch which will make the typing experience better and smoother while correcting the problems in the predecessor models.