Police Deputy Chief Apologizes To A Freelance Journalist For A Baseless Raid

Earlier this Friday, in the wake of investigating about a leaked police report, the San Francisco police held a raid at a freelance journalist’s house.

The deputy chief of the police force has already apologized to the journalist for such an action.

Police Chief William Scott told addressed to a news reporter saying, that the searches were probably illegal and not in notice of the senior department heads.

He initially defended the search, notifying that the Police went in via the assigned legal process. He apologized for his mistake later said that he was sorry that this happened.

The Californian state’s shield law protects news reporters and journalists from search warrants and the US Federal Court has stated that they are free to report the necessary info and statistics contained in stolen or misplaced documents or electronic devices.

Well, the chief answered that he had thoroughly checked all material termed related to the raid that happened and was concerned that the warrants issued initially did not properly identify Carmody as a professional journalist.

Carmody, according to sources, was kept under custody in handcuffs for 6 long hours on 10th May while police lanced with hammers searched for various proofs.

All this was done to find out who leaked a confidential police report on the passing away of the Ex defender, Jeff Adachi after he denied to confirm the source.

The incident has alarmed journalism advocates and there is a sudden pressure on elected leaders of the city to protect the press when there is a need.

This post was last modified on May 29, 2019 10:17 AM

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