Amazon is gradually increasing the number of devices empowered to use one of the best innovations in recent years, Alexa Announcements.

Amazon has made this feature available to any type of device with a built-in Alexa support.  This implies that you can communicate with members of your household through any type of device that has Alexa.

Well, if you recall, Alexa introduced the Alexa late last year. This new innovation makes it possible for a user to speak into a device while other devices will simultaneously broadcast the message to others through their speakers.

While explaining how to use the device, Amazon said:

“By saying ‘Alexa, then ‘announce’ or ‘broadcast’ or ‘tell everyone’ followed by your message, you can gather the family or your roommates together for movie night without having to yell at everyone to make their way to the lounge.

Simultaneously, you can call your beloved ones who are busing watching TV to walk down to the dining room for dinner.”

Thus, you can communicate with your entire family members via your fridge, thermostat, or any device with Alexa support.

Furthermore, the devices that support this feature ought to have the ability to convert MP3 files to a format supported by Alexa. Such files will be 45 seconds long or longer.

It is believed that as more devices are built to support Alexa, this intercom-like feature will be a great addition to every home. This will make communication between family members to be easier and faster.