PUBG Golden Compass, Silver Compass, Bronze Compass

PlayersUnknowns BattleGrounds famously known as the PUBG has introduced an all-new version 0.14.0 update with many improvements and features. Among the most prominent one is the inclusion of new infection mode in EvoGround.

In addition to that, the new PUBG 0.14.0 update brings out new Treasures of the Seven Seas hunt where you get rewards for collecting compasses during the gameplay. There are three different kinds of compasses which are Golden Compass, Silver Compass, and Bronze Compass.

These PUBG compasses will allow you to exchange them for rewards. For example, when I Click on the event tab, under the ‘The Voyage: Rich Rewards’ I see several redemptions offers. For collecting 6 PUBG Golden Compass I will get a Silver-plate Vector skin.

And for collecting 30 PUBG Silver Compass, I will get Piglet set or Hooligan set for 10 days duration.

And for collecting PUBG Bronze Compass I will get Thrill Ride BP crate which can give you 60-150 BP points. Similarly, for 30 Bronze compass collection, you can get a Classic crate coupon in exchange.

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For daily logins as well you get Golden Compass, Silver Compass, and Bronze Compass depending on the number of days as mentioned in the Event tab.

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