BLU Bold N3 N0070UU Spotted at FCC for Approval

BLU Bold N3 mobile phone

For BLU Products, the new Bold lineup has certainly done good and the company is looking forward to the third generation of Bold phones series. In the coming days, we could see the launch of the BLU Bold N3 N0070UU mobile phone. The predecessor N2 was launched along with S91 Pro at the same time last year and the first ever N1 was launched in September 2019.

BLU Products follows what’s the latest in the smartphone industry and for the upcoming Bold phone, i.e., the N3 mobile, there are a lot more improvements in the camera section. Respective manufacturers in China for BLU have come up with camera arrangements in circular manuals very much like the OnePlus 11 series, and Nokia 7.2, inspired by the revolutionary OnePlus 7T.

Here is how the device will look alike from the back –

Coming to the camera, there is a main camera sensor at the center top and two camera lenses on either side. On top of that, there is an LED flash.

This Bold phone is a dual SIM handset with 5G support on the SIM 1. According to the FCC listing, the product labeling of the phone reveals that the device carries the model number N0070UU and it’s designed in Miami and assembled in China.

The power button and Volume Down and Up buttons are located on the right side bezel and these are the only two physical buttons. The device is expected to run on Android 12 or Android 13 out of the box and there will be no firmware upgrade or monthly security updates.

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The device is expected to be priced at $269.99 or $299 and will be available for purchase on the website with an early bird discount on the first day of the launch.

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