BLU Bold N2 and BLU S91 Pro are now Officially Launched

BLU S91 Pro Bold N2

American-based government-run Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has given a green signal for two new BLU mobile phones. Identified with their names as BLU S91 Pro and Bold N2, these will be the latest smartphones in the BLU brand.

The BLU Bold N2 will be a successor to the Bold N1 mobile phone which was launched in September 2019 and it will be almost three years since the Samuel Ohev Zion brand was almost forgotten. Actually, the Bold Phone lineup is a sub-brand of BLU Bold Like us and it focuses on the mid to high-range smartphone lineup.

While passing through FCC, some of the external and internal photos of the device were spotted in the filing. According to external camera photos, the device will have a quad rear camera assembly on the back and this is not the first BLU phone with quad rear cameras as we have already seen it on BLU G91 Pro and BLU F91 5G.

Here is what the camera on BLU Bold N1 will look like –

On the other side, the BLU S91 Pro will be a successor or follow-up model of the BLU S91 mobile which was unveiled earlier this year. It will be just like the BLU G90, BLU G91 and BLU G91 Pro mobile. It will be another $200 mobile phone and both the handsets will be powered by Android 12 out of the box and for sure Android 13 isn’t coming to these handsets.

For a few years, BLU has been adopting the latest technology as it happens but still, the biggest complaints from customers remain about no software updates. Actually, people are looking for more from the BLU brand on a $100 or $200 mobile phone, and in this range, almost selected phones by Samsung or Nokia or Motorola are covered for major software roll-out.

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