Google Fast Share is the Latest Android 11 Feature – AirDrop Alternative for Android

Google Fast Share

For years iPhone has easily beaten rival Android in every department. As of now the difference between iPhone and top-notch Android mobile phones is smaller than ever, thanks to Android borrowing iPhone features from time to time. Still, there are few iPhone features that are not available on Android and vice-versa.

Google this time is thinking to borrow AirDrop feature for sharing files easily with nearby devices. So-called Google Fast Share, it will function in the same way as AirDrop, a feature that Apple iPhone has for several years.

In January Google reported that they are working on AirDrop alternative for Android and now the tool has appeared on Android 11 Developer Previews by the name “Fast Share“. The Mountain View based search engine giant may abandon nicknames like “Nearby Sharing“.

The Google Fast Share or the Android Fast Share will work on similar technology related to AirDrop, i.e., you can send documents, photos, pictures, videos and other media between two devices through Bluetooth and WiFi pairing.

If this releases with Android 11 version, this would be a great feature addition to Android that the users were waiting for a long time.

Incidentally, XDA a popular site based on Android and mobile phones has a video showing this feature of data transfer between a Pixel 4 and Pixel 2 XL device –

As of now, there is no indication when the Android 11 will be released as Google I/O was canceled due to Coronavirus outage worldwide. The Android 11 will be possibly rolled out in September 2020, a safe bet.

Source: BGR

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