Future Of The Chinese Giant, Huawei, Still In Doubts!

Google just pulled off the Android support from Huawei’s phones.

This decision came after Trump’s presidency barred the U.S. telecommunications from using devices and components manufactured by foreign brands.

The Chinese giant has also suffered the repercussions of the accusation from the American government regarding stealing the technology.

The federal government’s decision for preventing the nation from security threats will affect foreign companies depending on American products and services.

Currently, Europe is a huge market for Huawei. The business, as well as customers in Europe and China, will be affected more than those in the USA.

More than one-fourth of the European android market is covered by the Chinese market.

The users and Huawei supporters are protesting against the federal government and Google regarding the same decision.

Intel and other suppliers of the equipment for the devices might cut off from the company too.

The company relies intensely on gadgets, services, and equipment from different countries, especially from the US.

The effect of this pullback will highlight the dependence and economic stability of the company.

The telecom giant is under immense stress as it is unclear what will it be able to recover from the impact.

The company has been granted a period of three months to work out ways to support its mobile phones and other products after which Google will completely withdraw its services.

Analysts have said that Huawei won’t be able to recover soon. Using their own Operating System anytime soon seems to be an impossible task for the company!


This post was last modified on May 29, 2019 10:16 AM

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