The Abortion Dilemma: Everything a Responsible Citizen needs to know

The new bill makes it illegal to practice abortion in the state.

Streets in major cities the US state of Alabama were flooded by pro-choice activists and supporters of abortion protesting the new bill passed by the thirty-five member state senate.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court heard a case for implementation of restrictions on abortion in the state of Louisiana, ruling out the bill with a narrow margin.

With the twist of this age, the particular US states have toughened their abortion practices, however, the historic bill relinquished by the Alabama Senate is a milestone in this regard.

It has to lead the way in overturning the 1973 Roe vs Wade ruling, making abortion a legal medical procedure in the United States. This bill has brought many issues with the country’s legal system out of the oblivion.

Recently, the Supreme Court also had to sidestep a part of a related case which could have challenged the law established by the Roe vs Wade case.

The SC set down a request to replace an austere abortion law in Indiana. Indiana enacted a law in 2016, making abortion illegal in the state and laying restrictions on the disposal of fetal remains.

This law was later repealed by the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. In view of this new law passed by Alabama, other states are also reviewing their abortion policies.

With some saying that the abortion debate is no longer about the policy of a state and has turned into a display of power and authority, it has become clear that the US has set out on course for another set of widespread protests over controversial rights issues.

The recent activity in the conservative states like Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri have lead many influential individuals to vocalize their support and many others to protest the dubbed “murder” of unborn children.

Pope Francis lead the support of stricter abortion laws by asking if taking away a human’s life is a solution to any problem.

As the struggle escalates, Missouri Planned Parenthood clinics, which provide government-funded abortion procedures, are running out of funds and almost all have shut down operations.

This is a huge blow to the pro-abortion activists ahead of state senate discussions which take place in no time.

The fate of these laws and the thousands of potential abortion cases hangs in balance as people hopefully wait for the Supreme Courts review of these bills.

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