PUBG MP5K gun for Vikendi announced for Season 10 PUBG Update 0.15.5


It’s time for closing of Season 9 as the new PUBG Mobile Season 10 is near the launch. It’s the perfect time for rumors and leaks and there are lot many things expected in the upcoming Season 10 update of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile version.

Apart from a new M249 machine gun skin for the Royal Pass players the developers have planned to introduce all new MP5K gun. It’s a new SMG gun equipped with 9 mm ammunition.

The MP5K gun in PUBG mobile version will have similar firing speed as that of UZI or Vector gun but will have a higher bullet damage at the cost of lower firing rate. Sadly this gun will be available to Vikendi map according to the information available till date. So yet another Vikendi exclusive gun apart from G36c which was introduce a couple of months back.

The PUBG MP5K gun can be used in single shot mode, 3 round burst and full auto mode and can be equipped with many possible attachments. Since this is an SMG gun, it will have high damage in close range fights and less damage at long distances. The looks of the gun is pretty similar to UMP9, which is now UMP45 using the .45mm ammo.

The PUBG season 10 update includes new emotes and frames. Plus there are a lot many goodies for the Royal Pass players and when they complete 100 Royal Pass points, they will get a new season 10 outfit. This new update will be release on November 9 2019.

MP5K gun details

MP5K gun ammo: 9mm cartridges

MP5K gun attachments: Grip(all grips supported), Extended Max (All SMG extended mags supported)

MP5K gun firing speed: 600–650 RPM

MP5K gun recoil: –

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That’s the news right now we have in the PUBG update.

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