PUBG Domination Map added with new Season 11 version 0.16.5 update

Krafton Game Union and Tencent Games bring an all-new PUBG Season 11 update in which they have introduced an all-new Domination map: Town. Here we go through what all are included in the new PUBG Domination map and how its played.

According to the update announcement, the new PlayersUnknown BattleGrounds aka PUBG Mobile version 0.16.5 update doesn’t include that many things as anticipated earlier although it introduces a new vehicle called Snowbike, a light snowmobile. It’s an exclusive ride for two and only spawns in the Vikendi map. Leaving that behind, what more interesting to see in this new update is the inclusion of the Domination Map: Town.

Domination Map: Town

All new Domination map in PUBG includes abundant terrain that gives players an immersive experience. This map takes two teams comprising of four players each. It has 3 bases and as the name itself suggests, domination i.e., you will have to dominate your opponent to win atleast 2 out of 3 bases.

As the PUBG domination game starts with one random base activated and the next will be unlocked soon after the first base is captured.

In order to play, you need to head to EvoGround and then select the Domination map. The rest is like a normal Team Deathmatch.

In order to push the update faster to all the users, the game developers are giving away silver*20, 2,000 BP and a Blue Glider trail as an update reward for those who update the game between January 9th and 15th.

This update weighs around 137 MB for Android and 170 MB on iOS. So what are you waiting for, update and have a bang.

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