Cricket World Cup 2019 becomes the World Cup with Most Abandoned Matches

Cricket World Cup 2019

Cricket fans are very disappointed with the way Cricket World Cup 2019 is going. The rain god has a very important role to play this world cup in England and Wales. Record-wise, with just 16 matches played and it has become the World Cup with most abandoned matches.

Generally in a cricket game, either one of the two teams wins at the end but here it’s the rain God that has decided the fate of the match, maybe even the fate of some teams as well.

Sri Lanka team is the most hurt with the rain-affected matches. Starting of their campaign on a losing note, the team would have expected to bounce back in the upcoming matches. After winning their second league match of the world cup against Afghanistan in a rain-curtailed match, the team then witness two abandoned matches, one each against Pakistan on June 7th at Bristol and against Bangladesh on June 11th.

Next in terms of effect by rain is the South Africa team which was looking to win their match against West Indies but had to split points as the match ended “No Result“. South Africa has to win all of their remaining games now.

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Here the interesting thing to note is that there is a difference between ‘No Result‘ and ‘Abandoned‘. In a match, if no toss happens then it’s called Abandoned and if the toss happens but doesn’t get completed due to rain gets a No Result. In both cases in league matches, the points are shared by each team.

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Several users took twitter to speak out their voice against no results matches –

Some even questioned ICC decision to host world cup in England –

And here is my favourite one –

I hope there will be no more Abandoned or No Result matches further in this series because this a world cup which happens every four years. Stay tuned for more updates on Cricket World Cup at

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