US To Suggest Hike In H-1B Application Fee

H 4 visas are immediately given to H 1B visa holders, including every family member less than 21 years of age. Well, this has profited over 1 Lakh Indian immigrants since 2015.

The department of homeland security proposal to ban the practice work permits to H 4 visa holders moved by the Trump administration to the next step.

If this 4-year-old law is rejected then the 1 Lakh and more Indian immigrants who are working in the US would be staring at job loss in the coming future. Even if this proposal goes through, it would take a while for it to come under the effect.

To wrangle this program in February in the previous year moved from the Trump presidency. Not only H 4 visa holders are worried, but H-1B is also running scared.

The American tech firms have continued to depend on borrowed workers to hire profoundly skilled employees from India and China, but now the non-immigrant work visa will only allow US companies to employ natives in a specialty occupation.

As a result, US companies discovering immigrants with a US master’s or higher degree will have a magnificent opportunity of selection in the H-1B lottery.

Furthermore, a deficiency of talent for US tech firms, with the families, revert to India will result in the byproduct of the scrapping of the H 4 visa program.

Whereas the utmost firms in the US have extended its local hiring in the US. But it has become difficult to find people with low unemployment rates tied with a shortage in a number of people with the kind of skills required.

This post was last modified on May 29, 2019 1:12 PM

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