Drivers employed at Uber face an increased amount of threat if they hold a rating lesser than 4.6. It is important to hold the customers responsible too.

The details of when a customer would get deactivated from the app have not been shared but if one ends up littering after their ride or behaving rude to the driver, one is sure to gain a low rating on the app!

Uber would also share tips to the customers regarding how they can improve on their ratings. In addition, they would be given several chances to redeem themselves before being completely taken off the app.

Uber’s policy explicitly states that respect and accountability are both two-way streets. The enforcement of this new policy supports this thought! Being rude to your driver or littering does not only affect the driver but also the following customers.

If a new customer walks into a littered car they automatically would not be ready to give this driver a good rating even though he may have done nothing wrong.

Moreover, being rude to a driver by thinking that they are inferior to you is not ethically correct. Uber does not only provide cab services but also car-pooling, e-bikes, scooters, food delivery, and rental car services.

This just adds on to the many reasons why one would not want to be kicked off the app and may just help make the whole ride smoother