Contrast to John Bolton, his national security adviser, US President Trump has implied that he has more trust in North Korea’s dictator, Jim Kong, than his citizens.

While he was on an official visit to Japan, Trump tweeted:

“North Korea fired off some small weapons which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me.” He went on to say that he has much confidence in Chairman Kim to keep his promise to him.

This provocative tweet came on the president’s first day of his three-day official visit to the Asian country to show his goodwill and support for Japan, one of America’s allies.

The president has received backlash from Americans who felt slighted by the president’s tweet.

A nuclear proliferation expert, Vipin Narang, considered such tweet as “disturbing.”

According to the professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it is dangerous that the president trusts Chairman Kim, despite the North Korea leader’s unwillingness to disarm.

A Miami-based journalist, Grant Stern, also criticized the president’s remark. He considered the president’s tweet as “mind-bogglingly awful tweet supporting Kim Jong Un.”

He also took the opportunity to express his dissatisfaction with the ruling by a US judge who ordered him to stop the building of a section of the US-Mexico border wall.

According to President Trump, the ruling was in support of drugs, crime, and human trafficking. During the visit, Trump and Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister, will discuss trade.