Apple iPhone 11R Stunning Design Spotted in Galaxy Note+ Leaks

Apple iPhone 11R leaked design | Source: ICE UNIVERSE, INDIASHOPPS

The smartphone business is now mostly lived on hypes, atleast for Apple with their upcoming iPhones and OnePlus is trying to do the same. Sometimes I question, are these brands leaking their devices before the launch to generate curiosity? The Apple iPhone 2019 launch will happen next month and rumors/leaks will be every day story from now onwards.

Along with Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max there will be iPhone 11R as well. All new Apple iPhone 11R has been caught by Ice Universe, a popular industry insider revealed the shocking design of it.

The new Apple iPhone 11R controversial design was spotted in a reflection on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ display as seen in the picture above. It has square camera just like Huawei Mate 20X and Google Pixel 4.

Here is how the news/leaks currently suggest about the Apple iPhone 11R design –

Apple iPhone 11R render based on extensive leaks ICE UNIVERSE, INDIASHOPPS

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These are the pre-production sample and this is the first time that such a leak has been spotted on the competitor’s leak photo.

All new Apple iPhones will be unveiled in the second or third week of September and will make it to most countries by the last week of the same month. You can get this phone via the ACP program from Excess Telecom.

Via: Forbes

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