Pelosi blames Trump over “cover-up”: Trump steps out with Democratic leaders.

US President Donald Trump stepped out of a conference after 3 minutes, which was programmed with the democratic bureaucrats and congressional leaders to discuss the matters of infrastructure, trade and similar issues.

Trump lost his temper when Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the United States House of Representatives, said that he was involved in a “cover-up”.

It has been stated that the criticism took place when Nancy and senator Chuck led into the White House for a conference with the President and after the gathering, she came out with other bureaucrats and accused Trump of a cover-up as per reports.

After this Trump was said to be in a bad mood, and he came out in the Rose Garden just after 3 minutes of the meeting and gave the statement that the Democrats should stop with these investigations on him.

Trump says that the allegations are false and that the Democrats cannot do their job of legislation and the investigation together, so they should focus on their jobs more.

He further mentioned Pelosi’s criticism as a terrifying thing she did and that the government should go down one road at a time, and that is on the road for governance and legislation not the hollow investigations on him.

The Democrats say that they were up for investing 2 trillion dollars on the nation’s infrastructure, but Trump walking out of the meeting this soon and taking a pass on it has delayed it.

While Trump holds on his statement and that he had done no cover-up.

Senator Chuck questions his legitimacy saying that there were investigations on him before also but he only took action when he was asked to make a comment on how he would pay for the cover-up.

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