Cricket Wireless announces Old School ‘Cricket Debut Flex’ Flip Phone

Cricket Debut Flex

Cricket Wireless has announced the launch of a new flip phone called ‘Cricket Debut Flex‘ with handy features. The most amazing thing about flip phones is that I like how handy and comfortable they are in terms of user experience. Unlike, Nokia’s old models like the Nokia 1100 (the most selling mobile phone ever), flip phones are space convenient, it’s easy to text on these phones. I have respect for people still using or buying flip phones, people may call you old-fashioned or outdated but that shouldn’t bother you, you’re right in you’re in your way.

The ‘Cricket Debut Flex’ doesn’t let you get disconnected from the technology world through the latest KaiOS platform that supports all the important social media apps like YouTube, Chrome, and WhatsApp, it has a hotspot feature to share internet and never get lost again with Google Maps. The ‘Debut Flex’ is known to be better than the ‘Debut Flip’ phone, let’s check the specifications, pricing, and other additional features of it.

The Cricket Debut Flex offers an Internal display screen of QVGA 2.8 inches and a classy scratch-resistant QQVGA 1.77-inch external screen on the back of the phone to update you with notifications, time, battery percentage, network, and more. The phone has dimensions 4.22” x 2.23” x 0.75” which makes it easy to fit in a pocket. With the 2.8-inch main screen keep yourself entertained with videos, games, texting, and more.

The ‘Cricket Debut Flex’ runs on the latest KaiOS 3.1, it has a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor which is good for a flip phone and helps with the speed of the phone. Keep your memories intact in 4 GB internal storage and a RAM of 512 MB helps prevent the phone from getting hung. The internal storage is good but if we talk about RAM, it is below average. The camera 2 MP is less in my perspective, although there’s not much use of the camera in flip phones but still. There’s an added dedicated side key to capture photos and videos with ease.

If you’re satisfied with the Crickets phone and are interested in buying a good quality smartphone at an affordable price then I would suggest you should take a look at the Cricket Outlast with its outlasting performance and Cricket Magic 5G supporting a fifth-generation network to compete with the fast-growing world.

Talk more with your friends and family with the M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility that avoids any external voice interference and lets you listen clearly on call. The device supports a Wi-Fi network 802.11 b/g/n, LTE technology to surf through the internet with speed, a hot-spot feature to share the internet, GPS tracking, and Bluetooth version 4.2 lets you share files faster. Just like many features of a smartphone, it has a charging cable USB Type-C as well. The Cricket company promises a 2-year worry-free warranty on this phone.

I would suggest you read a User guide before buying this phone.

The price of the Cricket Debut Flex is $49.99 but can be found at Walmart at a discounted price.

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