Airtalk Wireless Check Status of ACP Application

By this time you might know that the Affordable Connectivity Program was introduced in 2021 to provide discounted phone and internet services to eligible citizens in the United States of America but to be part of it, you need to apply. The benefits offered are amazing which can provide a discount of a minimum of $30/month per household and extend up to a maximum of $75/month for the people living in the qualifying tribal lands. While the process of applying for such discounted service is easier, here is the guide on how to go through the Airtalk Wireless check status of the ACP application.

The AirTalk Wireless ACP status for application will let you know whether your request for discounted phone services has been accepted or not and if not let you know the current status.

Once you apply for inclusion under ACP by choosing any participating telecom network, there is a background verification process that takes a couple of days time. Once you apply with your address/identity proof and the document through which you qualify for ACP inclusion, the concerned authorities at the Department of Telecom i.e., the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will verify both your identity and the document through which you qualify for the inclusion under ACP with the concerned department. As officially stated, the whole process could take up to 7-10 working days.

If you have applied for ACP at AirTalk Wireless, then you have every right to know the application status or you can check for it. You can simply do it by calling the customer support executive at AirTalk on their helpline number +1 (855) 924-7825 or you can email them by mentioning your ACP registration details like name, application number, & date to email id.

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So that’s how you can check for AirTalk Wireless ACP application status.

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